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"Skookum's on a mission on Pleasure Cruz"
- The Georgia Straight
by Mike Usinger on Apr 30, 2014 at 1:13 pm
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"Skookum's on a mission on Pleasure Cruz"
- The Georgia Straight

by Mike Usinger on Apr 30, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Pleasure Cruz (Independent)
The men of Skookum waste no time letting the world know where they're coming from on Pleasure Cruz. Over a tightly coiled hard-metal guitar riff, singer Vanman fires an opening lyrical salvo with "Cruising town in my '69/Fetching the ladies with my moonshine".

Next comes "Jetfuel", in which a popping Chili Peppers bass intro gives way to a meat-and-potatoes stutter-rocker starting with "You're my lady/And I'm your lover/Don't you know girl/There ain't no other." And then there's "You're body's a temple/My mind is a waste" from the jean-jacket banger "Use & Abuse Me".

Based on those three opening tracks alone, Skookum seems on a mission from God to fuse borrowed parts of Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, Thin Lizzy, and Spinal Tap. Except that the trio doesn't seem to be in on the joke, if in fact there is one.

That means there's two ways to approach this impressively played and expertly recorded full-length, which contains a whopping 14 tracks. Either sit back and snicker at the soaring rocker "World Comes Crashing In", or grab an air guitar and unleash your inner Ronnie Van Zant while earnestly knocking back a bottle of Jack. Or you could just as easily do both, because with Pleasure Cruz, there's no telling which decision is right, possibly because neither is wrong.

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As featured in Powerplay Magazine ~ May 2014

Tom Zillich - The Surrey NOW

Members of the band Skookum sure love that rye whiskey -- so much, they wrote a song about how difficult it is to find in some other countries.

An amusing and creative new video for the band's KISS-like anthem "Rye (Can't Remember)" is reason for the foursome to party Saturday (March 27) at North Delta's Envy club.

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Surrey NOW article

'Rockstar dreamers' to release second CD
By Janis Warren - The Tri-City News

Indie/alternative/hard rockers Skookum — a band made up of Coquitlam's Brad Wilson, Norm Baker of Port Coquitlam, and Cory Van Ieperen and Reagan Schensney of Delta — will release its second CD on Aug. 4, titled "Rockstar Dreamers." The Tri-City News caught up with Wilson, a 1988 Centennial secondary grad, last week to talk about the music.
Tricity News

Band draws its own conclusions

Don't call Skookum a bunch of cartoonish rockers, though penciled self-portraits have become part of the band's charm.

By Surrey Now - November 30, 2007

The above article printed in support of our December 2007 CD and Comic book release for "Big Phat Sounds" and "SKOOKomix".

How does

Performance review:
New Music West at the Stone Temple Cabaret, Vancouver, 2007

This is the first time I have ever had the great pleasure of seeing SKOOKUM live. I would have to say that out of any shows I have ever attended, this show was by far the greatest.

With the energy of a madman, the Vanman took to the microphone and belted out the best of the SKOOKUM. The crowd wasn't even thinking of taking a drink at one point; they were too captured by the performance. I'm a smoker and I admit that I did sneak away to grab a quick puff and very quickly found I was the only person out there catching a drag. After one puff, I dropped it and returned so that I would not miss a beat.

These guys in Skookum are the complete package! Nothing out of time and the whole band just loving the fact they are playing. The bass is just too catchy to describe and the drums were actually testing out the amps as I watched them hit peak after peak… Guitar sweeter than honey and the vocal throws of a true rock star.

I don't care what you have planned, if you hear of a SKOOKUM show - go. I will personally guarantee that you will not be anything but amazed. If you do go to a show and don't have a good time, I will buy you a beer at the next show.
We are forever SKOOKUM-cized.
Thanks guys, you rocked.
~ Cameron Gaskarth
arrius entertainment

By: Debbie

popYOUlarity: What were some of the major touchstones of 2007 for you?
Audie: Major highlights in 2007 for SKOOKUM: established a solid line-up, the release of our debut album, and being a part of New Music West.
Shiny: Joining the band, establishing the camaraderie and friendships, and putting a new spin on the Skookum sound, and new music for recording.
Vanman: We went through a difficult period of line-up changes starting when our original drummer (who played on the first album) left mid 2006. We now have the band in order, and have finally released the album we had worked on from the start. It’s exciting to put that album out and move forward with even better material with the new guys.

popYOUlarity: Where does a song start?
Audie: We are open to the creative juices oozing in from anywhere, yet usually it flows from a riff and/or jam.
Shiny: Riffs, riffs, riffs.
Vanman: It’s usually a brain fart that hopefully doesn’t stink. If it stinks, you let it go, make a few jokes and prepare for the next leak that comes from your unconscious. The worst smelling ones happen when everyone’s in the room. But sometimes, I think we all just get inspired about an event or a riff or by heavy sedation.

popYOUlarity: Do you ever step on-stage and look over the crowd and say to yourself ‘damn, I can’t believe these people are here to see us’?
Audie: Yes! It was our debut CD release party and I remember thinking. “Oh my, look at all the people.”
Shiny: Sometimes, yes.
Vanman: Yes, and I hope their pockets rattle as much as we like to rattle their ears. Playing to a large crowd is a trip.

popYOUlarity: What goes through your mind when you put a record together?
Audie: How much is this going to cost? Seriously though, Cory brought up that question a week ago. “What to do for the second album?” I know we will draw from SKOOKUM being a different group of people, at a new time and place. We are evolving and so will the music.
Shiny: My god what a lot of work!
Vanman: “When is it going to be done?” “Then what do we do?” It’s fun though to try all the angles, tweak all the sounds, and add or subtract all the possibilities, etc. So much is involved you can’t help but be consumed by it for just a little while, and then hope everyone likes it as much as you hope they might.

popYOUlarity: What do you find more exciting, touring or recording?
Audie: At this point, I would say recording. This time, in the studio, we are approaching it with a directive capture of the energy and emotion extruded in our live performance.
Shiny: Both, each with their own payoffs.
Vanman: Yeah, I’d have to say they both have equal payoffs, but I think the writing process trumps it all. It’s such a release of creative energy to make sounds and words into this thing we call a song. Getting it recorded like you hear it in your head and playing it well live are just another two forms of the release. All are exciting; no wonder rock n roll is such a drug.


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