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SKOOKUM ~ Rockstar Dreamers CD


1. Lasting thrill
2. Great to see you
3. Bender
4. Jigsaw
5. New Age Rockstar
6. Snap
7. Rollin' Along
8. Rye (Can't Remember)
9. That Girl
10. Monsters Under the Bed

Featuring riff-heavy tunes with big vocals: Bender (“Drink 'til yer sick and like it”) Jigsaw (“You were not born to fail, but you believe that you can”)

Meanwhile, the softer Rollin’ Along, along with the clean-thumping groove of That Girl, are great examples of Skookum’s diverse range.

Rockstar Dreamers is a full-on, hard-rock exposition that’s influenced by multiple genres, from grunge to punk to stoner rock to heavy metal.

The title is mostly an extension of a track contained within the album called New Age Rockstar, the lament of a wannabe rock idol that’s willing to do anything to make it.


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CD - Big Phat Sounds
CD - Rockstar Dreamers

SKOOKomix Issue 1 (Deluxe Edition)
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