In the Beginning, there was a catastrophic BOOM!!! .. and SKOOKUM was born…

Skookum is a Chinook term for big, strong, powerful and swift. Most people know it as slang for “Big n’ tough” or impressive. The band’s sound? Powerful guitar riffs, big grooves with a walloping vocal punch! They sound SKOOKUM!

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See them live and they deliver. Their unique collection of anthems separates Skookum from the chaff of a multitude of similar sounding bands. The songs have serious muscle; but these guys also engage their audience with hilarious banter. Memorable tunes like “Bender”(drink till yer sick), “Great to See You” (but I wouldn’t wanna be you) and their staple live classic “the Team Canada Montage”: a semi-cover song that will never get played on commercial radio but has them rollin’ in the aisles and patriotically punching fist to air!

Skookum has shared the stage with Moka Only, Sweatshop Union, the Black Halo’s and Todd Kerns, and they’ve been a featured performer at New Music West.

The first single from their debut CD, “El Stinko”, was a featured YouTube hit and one of Canada’s most watched rock videos in February 2008 at 20,000 plus views! During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, SKOOKUM released their second video for “Rye (Can’t Remember)” in time to celebrate their hometown hosting the Games by boasting one of Canada’s favourite pastimes, drinking Rye Whiskey!

Singer/guitarist CoryVan uses his cartooning skills to embellish tales of life in an indie rock band with the ongoing series, SKOOKOMIX:
a semi-autobiographical cross between Spinal Tap & KISS with some fantasy thrown in for good measure. The first issue released in conjunction with debut album, Big Phat Sounds.


Tue, Feb 2024

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