Norm Baker ~ Drums, percussion, keyboards, electric slide whistle

  • Likes Sugar (“gimme some sugar baby!”)
  • Dislikes: People with issues, control dramas
  • Hobbies: Collecting drums & bikes, finding room for my drums & bikes
  • Fav. Food: Pizza
  • Fav. Movie: “So I Married an Axe Murderer”
  • Fav. TV show: the Simpsons, CSI
  • Fav. Position: up
  • Favorite Drink: Sleemans Honey Brown
  • Who’s most Bootylicious? Angelina Jolie
  • Musical Influences: Rush, Rush … did I mention Rush?
  • Music I’m ashamed to own: Pet Shop Boys (on vinyl)
  • Drives: …. an SUV
  • Name of Invisible Friend: He’s not invisible
  • Nicknames: Storm
  • Celebrity I once met: Kim Mitchell
  • Celebrity I’d like to meet: Neil Peart
  • Someplace you might find me: In front of the TV
  • Occupation: Pedaler

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