MIKE SCANNELL ~ Bass & Backing Vocals

  • Likes: Watching cartoons in my underwear while eating Doritos.
  • Dislikes: Brussels sprouts
  • Hobbies: Motorcycling
  • Fav. Food: NOT Brussels sprouts
  • Fav. Movie: Blues Brothers
  • Fav. TV show: Kids In The Hall
  • Fav. Position: Yes
  • Fav. Drink: Honey Jack

  • Who’s most Bootylicious? Mary-Louise Parker
  • Musical Influences: Early Joe Jackson, Who, Rush, RHCP
  • Music I’m ashamed to own: Culture Club
  • Drives: 200 yards on a good day, with the right club
  • Name of Invisible Friend: Not much of a friend. He ghosted me.
  • Nicknames: Muttley
  • Celebrity I once met: Mickey Rooney
  • Celebrity I’d like to meet: Dave Chappelle
  • Someplace you might find me: In the garage, tinkering.
  • Occupation: I’m definitely occupied.

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