A tenacious groovin’ rock band from Vancouver who can also slow down … sometimes.
Making great music is serious business for this group who claim creativity and laughs as their mantra.

Rise Above It All

Skookum’s Rise Above it All

SKOOKUM’s new album ‘Rise Above It All’ flexes musicality, displaying dynamic  styles from 70’s ballads to mid-00s heavy riff rock, and everything in between, with the patented tongue in cheek humour their fans expect.

On March 20, 2020, Skookum was ready to play a show at the Roxy nightclub in Vancouver Canada to kick off one last gig before taking 15 new songs into the studio the very next month. But then the world shut down…. What came next was months of uncertainty and the band wasn’t sure when or if they could go in and record what they now present as “Rise Above it All”.

This collection of 10 songs mostly written well before 2020, but in a strange twist of fate, captures the times we live now. “Rise Above it All” is a musical journey perfectly encompassing the strange, challenging, and often bleak period of history we are currently experiencing, but always with an underlying current of hope.

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